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How Should I Prepare My Items?



After registering, you will print a bar coded tag for each item that you are selling.  Attach the tag to the top right corner of the clothing item.  See pictures below.  Please use safety pins straight pins or staples!

Hanging items with several pieces should be safety pinned together on a hanger, or if on separate hangers they should be rubber banded together.  Use one tag only.

Hang ALL clothing on a hanger.  This includes onesies, jeans, shorts, etc.  The hanger should face left so that it looks like a question mark (?).

15 Places to Find Hangers

Wire hangers are recommended, but plastic hangers are accepted as well.

NEW!  Bugaboo is now offering wire hangers AT COST to consignors.  If you cannot gather enough hangers on your own, you are welcome to purchase from Bugaboo.

Hangers are available for pickup in Yorkville near Jewel.  And exact address will be emailed to you upon receiving your request.  You may pickup at your convenience.  Payment may be made via paypal, check or cash.




Tip: Tagging guns are encouraged.  You can buy a tagging gun with barbs off ebay for under $10.00 (including shipping).  If you are a frequent consignor, it really is worth the money.  No fiddling with safety pins.


If you do have a tagging gun, please tag through the clothing garments size tag only.  Do NOT tag through the fabric.  If the item does not have a size tag, tag through the inside shoulder seam instead.  This is the little fold of fabric inside the garment with stitching.  If you use a tagging gun, you MUST use cardstock.



Attach tags to books using painters tape or masking tape.  Never use packing tape!  If you have a set of books that can be sold together, place them in a ziploc bag with a list of contents.  Attach the tag to the outside of the bag and tape the bag shut.

book setbooks

Other Items

Tape the top of your tag to the item with clear packing tape.  Use packing tape as any other tape will fall off easily.  Please use painter's tape for books.  If you do not have painter's tape, there will be some available at drop off for you to use.

Use ziploc bags for any items with small pieces.  Tape the bag shut with packing tape.  Tape the top of the tag to the outside of the bag.



Bedding can easily be package in the XXL Ziploc bags.  These can be found at the Dollar Tree stores.  Bedding put in a box gets easily separate by shoppers.



Shoes should be tied together with string, ribbon or zip ties.  (Zip ties can be found at Walmart (near the power cords) or Dollar Tree.  Do not tape the tag to your shoes.  It is almost guaranteed the tag will fall off and be lost.  Please pin the tag to the lace or the tie that you use to keep them together.  Infant shoes may be put in a clear ziploc bag, however the tag must be attached to the shoes inside the bag.  Do not tape the bag shut.  No shoe boxes please!

shoes1 shoes2




Tagging Station





We are offering a service, which will actually save YOU and ultimately us time.  By electronically entering all of your items, you can save 50-60% of your time when you are tagging.  In addition, you will receive a printout of your entire inventory and be able to manage your items as "sold" or "not sold".

The reason we have chosen My Consignment Manager is because they are offering bar-coded services with the seller's needs as a priority.  Their website is simple and easy to use.  We really encourage you to become familiar with their system before you begin tagging. 
 You will be automatically directed if you click on the "Register" link of our website.

There is no risk and no additional cost to you outside of our seller's registration fee.  Just register, select our consignment in the "Partner Consignment" section, enter your items and then print your tags.  It is that easy!


     You can electronically enter your tags, which will save you 50-60% of your time.
     You can print Inventory Sheets for all of your items.
     You can also print a donations list for your tax filings.
     You can reuse your items for future sales with us and for other sales.
     Your account will automatically be updated so that you can view which items sold at our sale   
          prior to receiving your check.
     You can calculate your potential sales in dollars.
     The system will allow you to receive your check more quickly than you would with a manual 


1.  Click on Register Here on our website (make sure the mailing address you enter is the same one that you want your final payment mailed to)

2. Sort all of your items  by clothing, toys, equipment, etc. (Regarding clothes...sort by gender and size)

3.  When sorting is completed, enter your items into the system.  Go to the tab "Enter items".  By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to enter the price and description for similar items.

4.  If you need to edit anything, go to the "Manage Inventory" screen.  Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered in the system.

5.  Printing can be performed at any time, at intervels or all at once when your finished entering your items.  Please make sure your tag paper consists of only white.  You should use cardstock paper (at least 60# or 65# cardstock), or regular white paper is allowed (but not recommended).

6.  Once your tags are printed, make sure your bar code is clear, and not excessively dark.  (Many times the "normal" setting is best to used when printing bar codes), then cut on the lines and safety pin to left shoulder or right side if the clothing is facing you.  When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the bar code.  Just place one piece of tape along the top edge of the tag so the bottom part can be torn off.

To log in again, just go to the homepage of our website and click on "Consignor Log In" which is located to the bottom right of the homepage picture collage.