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The idea for organizing this event began in the winter of 2007.  I was watching my son sprout up, and fly through his massive wardrobe without even getting good use out of those adorable clothes for more than a couple months!  I got tired of paying loads of money for toys and clothes that barely got used!  That's when I started organizing the idea of Bugaboo.



The first sale began with 42 consignors and has grown up to 450 consignors per sale! 



See photos here!

Our goal is to continue to grow as a huge semi-annual event for the Kendall County region, and to be well-loved by many loyal consignors/customers.  We hope that you look forward to our event every spring and fall.  We would like to know you can rely on us for great items, great deals, and always a great event!

A large part of our success is YOU!  We rely on you to be the consignors.  We also rely on you to tell friends/family about the event.  The more shoppers, the more you will sell!  And of course, this event would be nothing without our generous volunteers!  

Thank you for participating and making the event a great one!