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You'll earn 65% of your total sales rather than 40%-50% offered in most consignment shops.

You set the price of your items, and decide if they will go half off on Saturday.

Your items will be viewed by hundreds of shoppers.

Best selling method!  No yard sale preparation/haggling/weather/etc. or online auction listing/shipping/etc.

Consignors shop early before the public!

After the sale, your clothing items will be sorted for easy pickup.



New  Returning

* A non-refundable $12 consignor fee will be charged at registration.


quick steps


1. Find at least 15 quality, clean items to sell.

2. Register online.

3. Hang, price, and tag your items.  You'll manage your inventory online and print barcoded tags.

4. Drop off your prepared items and go!  We sell them for you!

5. Receive your check in as little as one week!

All who register and consign at least 15 items will be given 1 Pre-sale pass.  Consignors may choose to bring a spouse or parent to the Pre-sale to help with choosing and carrying items.  Your spouse or parent must enter with you.

No other family/friends besides a spouse, parent, or children may enter with you.




Wednesday - Consignor Drop Off by appointment

Thursday - Presale (1pm/3-shift workers, 2pm/2-shift workers, 3pm/1-shift workers, 4pm/Consignors, 5pm/First Time Parents)

Friday - Open to the public (10am-7pm)

Saturday - Open to the public (10am-3pm) 1/2 Price Sale

Sunday - Consignor Pickup (12pm-2pm)




"This sale is huge and has great prices. I manage to get about 75% of my son's wardrobe here each season and save a TON of money. Seems larger and much more organized than other sales I have been to in the area."

 "I have gone to this for the past two sales and can't believe the amount of GREAT things I've purchased here. I was never a 'garage sale' type of this sale is wayyyy better than any garage sale!"


"Most organized sale i've been too, so much easier to enjoy because of all the care put into the presentation."


"Great sale with great prices & selections! I save so much money attending this sales vs. going to the store to buy for my son! Will be attending this spring for sure!"


"Can not wait to attend the spring sale! Most organized sale I've seen!"


"This sale is the BEST! Seriously, they have a great selection and the prices are reasonable. I purchase most of my sons clothes from this sale :)"


"Love being a consigner to make room for all the great buys I find for my 4 kids. Great for Buyers and sellers!"


"It's a great sale! I rack up on a ton of stuff each sale for my 3 kids! They have great bargains."


"LOVED this sale! There is so much to choose from! Highly recommend!"


"I consigned at the sale last weekend! Already got my check in the mail! Organizer is so sweet and very easy to work with. I volunteered and earned an even higher percentage of my sales back. Drop off and pick up of my sale items was so organized and very easy. I can't wait for the next sale this fall. Even changed my vacation plans to be in town for the sale!"



FAQs for Consignors

Why should I consign with Bugaboo?
-Earn 65 rather than the 40-50% offered in most consignment shops.
-You set the price and decide if your items will go half price on Saturday.
-Your items will be viewed by hundreds of shoppers.
-Consignors get to shop early at the Pre-Sale on Thursday night before the public.
-After the sale, your items will be sorted for easy pickup.

Do I have to stay at the sale to sell my items?
Consignors do not have to stay at the sale. Just prepare your items, drop off on the designated time/date, and go! You do not have to stick around and "man" a table. We do the work for you!

Is there a limit to what I can sell?

There is no limit for non-clothing items (books, toys, etc.)  However, Bugaboo does implement a 250 clothing limit per consignor.

When do I drop off my items to sell?
After you register as a consignor, you will have the option to select a Check-In Time from your Consignor Homepage on the top tool bar. At Check-In, consignors will have their items quickly inspected and then help place their items on the sales floor.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?
Yes. You may have someone else drop off your items at your Check-In Time. Please be sure they have your signed Consignor Agreement and an empty bin if you're picking up leftover items after the sale. This person will still be responsible for having items inspected and helping place items on the sales floor.

What about my items that do not sell?
Consignors have the option to donate their remaining items after the sale. Consignors also have the option to pickup any remaining items that did not sell on Sunday after the sale. Once you register and begin entering your items online, you will be able to select a "Donate" option for each item you sell.

When will I receive my check?
You can expect to receive your check in as little as one week!

Who can I bring to the Consignor Presale?
We like to keep the Presale privileges reserved for consignors and workers only. Therefore, consignors may only bring a spouse or parent to help with choosing and carrying items. No other sisters, friends, etc. may enter the Presale. If you'd really like to have a sister or friend shop with you, have them consign at least 15 items to earn a Presale pass. Thank you for understanding and respecting this rule.